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Eventfocus designs tailored texts for your projects and transmute your message in the voice that your audience hears you. Eventfocus specifically illuminates your qualities.

With an effective presentation and attractive moderation, Eventfocus celebrates the diamonds of your company. We carve and mold written words, which manifest and blossom in influential texts and voice colors in the rhythm of your aspirations.

No matter how small or large the performance is, we illuminate the ingredients of your content. We combine words like spices to find the perfect scent to stand your message and glow in the spotlight.

Eventfocus: With passion, we achieve goals - Eventfocus: Colors of success

Behind the scene & up on stage

Lea Sakran: Foto by Janine Guldener
Lea Sakran: Foto by Janine Guldener

I am bilingual: English and German and have lived in different countries and know the cultural fluency in communication. My diverse background allows me to put myself in different mindsets and understand different perspectives. Diversity is not a foreign word because its characteristics and features should be recognized in every project. I have worked in music, acting, dance, dramaturgy, directing and have been active in state playhouses, opera, and independent scenes. For many years I taught courses in "Creative Writing." I work as a writer, copywriter, storyteller, voiceover, intercultural translator, scriptwriter, dramaturg, and director for commercials. I currently live in Switzerland.

"Good wine needs a few years for the noble drop to develop its bouquet."

I look forward to enriching your projects with the noble drops of my knowledge and passion.