Gusta & Gusto

Gusta, the rhino lady, goes through different life situations with her friend Gusto, a rhino gentleman. In its simplicity, each of the 12 chapters has a deeper meaning, with Gusta and Gusto going through humanized emotions and circumstances. However, in a fantastic "animalistic" form, touched with the breeze of charming humor, poetry, and animalistic wisdom.

Thank you for the wonderful collaboration with Spoken Realms, Blackstone Publishing, Morrison Ellis, and Laura Dana Rose Sakran.

Spoken Realms & Blackstone Publishing; Unabridged edition (28 March 2023)

Gusta and Gusto are not bound to a specific age group but rather build a bridge to connect different generations and thoughts with each other. Each chapter can stand on its own and beholds a message for small and big people. Wisdom and hope are valuable ingredients offering life a special glow and, last but not least, evolving within an evident attitude. Gusta & Gusto refresh and inspire our spirit with this gentle sprinkle of salt: Connecting hearts through generations.